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Take Positive Steps to Reuniting After a Breakup

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Many people have the misconception that the first step in reuniting after a breakup is calling your ex, not! You may think that it's better for your partner to see you and talk to you every available moment, to be reminded of all the good times you've had. But in a heated situation where your relationship is in crisis or repair, keeping yourself in the scene may be a case of "familiarity breeds contempt."

Actually, the first step is being able to accept what happened so you can take positive steps in making the relationship new again.

You probably know that breaking up with a person you still love is one of the most painful experiences we as humans will ever know. On the other hand, reuniting after a breakup can be the most joyful experience, giving you renewed energy and a more positive outlook on all other aspects of your life.

I know when you take advantage of this method you will finally be on your way to making up and reuniting after a breakup, continuing to make your relationship better than you could have ever imagined.

You may feel the best way to reunite after a breakup is to call your ex and beg for their return. This is not the way to go! Or you may think that the best course of action is to lock yourself in your home and cry until you've run out of tears. This isn't it either!

If you're serious about getting back together after you split up, there is a better way to go. Here are the three best steps that you can pursue for getting back together after a breakup!

First and foremost, getting back together after a split means accepting what happened. It may be hard for you to accept that the breakup happened, but you can’t continue the relationship the way it was going. You need to accept the fact that the breakup happened so that you can work on renewing the relationship ie, changing your former partner's opinion of you, which can only happen when you change your attitude. My guess is this... Life's circumstances haven't been good as you've been expecting for a while now,  causing a lack of faith, maybe you've said or have been on the receiving end of hurtful words.

Did you know that the tongue has the power of life and death by the words that come out of the mouth? And words come from the overflow of the heart (spirit)? Yes my friend, the words you say will determine your future, so try to control your tongue. Speak words in a negative manor and your world will grow darker. On the other hand, positive words of encouragement will brighten your future, it's a biblical principle. Speaking of biblical principles, here is an excellent resource to help you deal with life's challenge.

I encourage you to look into biblical principles, even if you think the bible is nonsense. Don't wait until all other resources are exhausted, you just may find a priceless hidden treasure of wisdom that will transform your relationship, not to mention your entire life.

Reuniting after a breakup means wiping the slate clean and then starting over, born again so to speak.

Secondly, reuniting after a breakup does not begin with calling your ex! Do not call your ex when you are working on getting back together after he/she split. Let things cool off, regulate your emotions and work on renewing yourself.

Also, getting back together is going to involve figuring out what went wrong. Work on improving the relationship in your mind and do not call your ex until things have normalized in your heart and head.

Finally, to bring back the one love of your life means planning for the right timing. Once you feel as though you are prepared to reunite. You can begin to plan the where, when and how. By the time you are prepared to rekindle that relationship, you will have a better idea about whether or not you are still in love with him/her. Since everything has ended now, don't worry about who’s at fault. Instead, focus on how to reunite with your lost lover and don't forget... be positive in mind and spirit.

Begin with casual conversation, a good friendship, and let things develop from there. If you take things slow and treat them positively, reuniting after a break up is easier than you imagined.

Intimacy plays a major role in staying reunited. The best way to protect your love life and precious connection with your partner is to have lots of new love making ideas ready at your disposal, when the time is right. It's also important to keep the relationship fresh after reuniting with your ex, whether it is creative dates, sex or what ever your imagination comes up with. There is no future in the past, keep looking forward...

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Reuniting With Your Ex After a Break Up

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Its not hopeless

Everything seems hopeless after a break up, it seems as though you'll never make it through another day. Yet, somewhere in the back of your mind, a little voice keeps asking how to reunite with your ex. It is not as hopeless as it may seem, take comfort in the fact that the vast majority of broken relationships can be put back together. However, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes, are you willing?

Just about everyone you know is going to start offering advice on how to reunite with your girlfriend / boyfriend. Most of that advice will be absolutely useless. A small portion of it could end up doing more harm than good and some will be helpful.

So, how does one tell which advice is worth following and which isn't? The answer is quite simple, look at the kind of relationship the person offering the advice has with their spouse or partner. If they constantly have problems with their partner or go through relationships like kids go through candy, then you can safely ignore their advice, no matter how well-intentioned it may be.

However, if the person has been happily involved with the same person for many years, then it stands to reason that they are doing something right and their advice is worth minding.

Your first instinct after a break up may be to go running back to your ex, in the hopes that you can successfully beg or plead for them to take you back. That rarely works. Even if it does, you'll be at a disadvantage in the relationship. Operating from a point of weakness is the disadvantage. Strength and confidence is what you're going to need in order to effectively pursuit reuniting with a girlfriend / boyfriend.

Take a Break, Reduce the Drama ...

Resist the temptation to go to your ex right away. A much better thing to do is wait for a while, maybe as much as a month or two, before contacting your ex. You both need time away from each other to sort things out on your own and to calm down.

While you are taking a break from each other you should try to figure out exactly what led to your break up. That means getting to the root cause. Figuring out the symptoms is easy but figuring out the cause of those symptoms can be difficult. As you're digging you may come across some inner convictions, which will make you uncomfortable. Don't worry, because that's actually a sign that you are moving closer to where you need to be. Stick with it and keep trying to discover what really went wrong. You'll eventually have to confirm your findings by talking with your ex, get their point of view on the root cause of the break up. Only then will you gain the ability to move towards reuniting with your ex.

After you discover the problem, the next step of how to reunite with your ex is to come up with ideas on how to solve those problems. At this point you only have a few basic choices, forgive, forget or confront. The severity of the problem and how much control you have over it will help you determine which course of action is best.

Are ready to get in touch with your ex again? Stay calm and don't overdo it. Reuniting with your ex is a matter of using sound advice and sticking to it. We as human beings have the gift of reason, use it wisely.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mending a Relationship After a Breakup

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getting back my wife,get her back,reuniting after a breakup/image.jpg If you had one shot.... one opportunity to seize your most wanted desire... Mending your broken relationship, would you seize the opportunity or let it slip away?

There are several reasons as to why a relationship comes crashing down but you'd like to know how to mend a relationship after a breakup, because you’ve invested so much of yourself that emotionally, you just can’t disconnect.

Instead, you try to do what you can to bring back the love to where it was in the beginning of the relationship. Of course, you still love him or her, so it’s worth the effort to mend the wounds and reunite after a breakup.

You can actually recapture that spark the two of you once had and wipe the slate clean. In other words, begin anew. Even when the damage has taken it's toll during your rocky relationship. Does it seem too difficult to make amends, now that the damage is done? Let me introduce to you a notable plan that you can use to mend a relationship after a breakup. 

One should consider TW Jackson’s eBook, which could possibly give the answers to your dilemma. You can finally get out of that sulky mood of personal withdrawal. Jump out of bed with some enthusiasm and get over the heartbreak songs that you're hearing on the radio. Look for the silver lining in your dark cloud.

"Magic of Making Up" has a total of 8 chapters, each one addresses a phase of the broken relationship, from the reasons why your relationship broke down to reigniting the passion you both used to have. This useful guide also explains what to do if your relationship can’t be saved and how to move on with your life.

Who is this man that wrote something so groundbreaking? TW Jackson, otherwise known as T Dub, is the cupid behind it all. He'll give you the secrets to winning the love of your life back. First off, he is no psychologist. Neither is he an expert or into some form of witchcraft.

T Dub is just a regular guy who shows interest in the happiness of people. He grew up in the military and decided to join the US Navy when he was 17 years old. His long experience in the navy has given him the opportunity to experience many different cultures.  He knows how to get along with people and reason with them in accordance with their beliefs. Because he has dealt with people from all walks of life, he became good at reading others. He understands what makes people tick and how you can influence them so that you can get along.

Because he wanted to share his acquired skill with the rest of the world, he wrote an eBook to guide folks through the difficult circumstance of a failing relationship. His experience is credible enough to indicate that he really does know about life. He also had his fair share of relationships and has had practice in making it last. His ebook is titled The Magic of Making Up and is priced at $39. The success of this guide might make one think it's magical but there is no hocus-pocus involved. Just pure common sense and sound reason. If you think that love is worth so much more than this, go and purchase one right now.

Times really do change and he shows you how you can change with it so that you can have a relationship that stands the test of time. No other eBook works like this does. It gives you hope because every issue is discussed here. While you’re the only one who can really tell how events turns out, you can still have the help that you deserve. After all, everyone deserves a second chance. So can you! Go on, see for yourself how TW Jackson's personal advice can mend a relationship after a breakup.

It's vital that you take positive steps when wanting to reunite after a breakup.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Before You Reunite With Ex Boyfriend Consider 3 Prequalify Factors

Vector image of two human figures with hands i...Image via WikipediaSeriously? Are you going to consider reuniting with your ex boyfriend? The idea seems quite exciting, doesn't it. Especially when both of you are recalling the good times you shared together. But hold the phone, you should definitely do some serious thinking before you decide to make that reunion.

Couples do successfully reunite and go on to have a very strong relationship after a breakup. However, other couples get back together for the wrong reasons. If you don't deal with and resolve the issues that led to the breakup of the relationship in the first place, then who's to say those issues won't resurface. It's right for you to want your rejuvenated relationship to be a success.

Look at these 3 prequalify factors for a lasting marital relationship, why not take the time to consider the following:

Heal old wounds

There was a reason, maybe several reasons why you and your lover broke up in the first place, correct? If so, has the issue or issues been resolved? If not, it is most likely that your relationship will fail again. This is a cold-hard fact but a true fact nun-the-less. You and your boyfriend must find a way to either deal with the problems that led to the breakup or you must jointly decide that the issues are no longer conflicts. Is it enough to simply have regrets about the relationship and how it ended? I think not, certain things must change and it is up to each of you to decide in agreement on which things will change.

Let loose of old expectations

Let's assume that you and your boyfriend decide to give the relationship another effort, you must treat it as a new relationship. Not as an extension of the old one. No, this doesn’t mean that you need to completely start from scratch. However, you will have to rebuild trust and friendship. You should both reassess your goals as a couple and work on creating a new life together, which will take tremendous dedication.

Don’t let emotions decide the reuniting question

Of course it can be a thrill to talk again with your ex again and you both may feel the euphoria of falling for each other once again. Yet allowing this feeling of being emotionally aroused to determine whether you and your boyfriend get back together could be a mistake. You need to think rationally about how a new relationship will be... without letting a flood of emotion overcome you. By the same token, when making decisions about the new beginning of the relationship, it is best to do so calmly, rationalize your thoughts with sound reason. In other words, if you allow emotions to cloud your judgment, you may come to regret it later on.

So, you really want to get back together with your boyfriend. Well, make sure that you and he are both ready for another try at a long lasting relationship. How can this be done, you ask? Make a list of  "do's and do nots", a list that both of you can agree with. Make it a binding contract just between you and him. By doing so, you could wind up saving yourself a great deal of heartache, because when all the pluses and minuses are out in the open or wrote down, it is easy to determine (for each partner) whether or not this relationship will take off and fly, amen?

Sure, it's easy to believe that your x boyfriend has changed because of your great desire to reunite with him. However, you won't know until you see proof of evidence. In other words, a positive change in his behavior towards you. If you have not or do not see any proof, you are setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set yourself up for success by being honest with your boyfriend and make sure the two of you do not follow the same path that led to your first breakup.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Ways to Fix Your Broken Love Relationship

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Understanding, mural by Robert Lewis Reid. Sec...Image via WikipediaLove relationships run into problem areas. At some point in time your relationship no matter how good, will have issues. These matters can slowly be worked out.

However, some couples have larger disputes such as broken trust or a lack of zeal for one another. These issues are much more difficult to work through.

If you are searching for a way to mend your broken relationship, you must proceed with caution.

Make sure that you take these 5 necessary steps and begin to mend your broken love relationship.

Identify the Problem

When you don't know what the problem is, how can you fix it? So, the first tip in fixing a broken relationship is to identify the cause of the problem. Both partners need to have a complete understanding of the state of the relationship. If there was a specific event that caused the issue, both of you should understand how or why the issue surfaced. If it was a series of events, you must clearly define the issues and the cause. This will require communication!

Let Your Partner Know How You Feel

The second tip when mending your romantic relationship is to be honest and open about how you feel. A relationship can only work if there is substantial communication. You need to be open about how you feel. Be careful what you say and your tone of voice. Be calm, don't shout and just reason with your partner. No accusations or threats of any kind, this will just make matters worse. Reason involves discussing who, what, why, where, when and how of the problem and the possible solution. You don't have to sugar coat your feelings, just let them be known in a tactful manner.

Listen, you should let the other person in this relationship know how you really feel. Be as descriptive and tactful as you can. Are you angry? Confused? Sorry? Frantic? Disappointed? The more descriptive (not destructive or demanding) you can be, the more your partner will understand where you're coming from.

Remember, it is vital that you show some sensitivity here, otherwise you'll have a huge argument instead of a rational conversation.

Can You Afford to Pay Attention?

Be sure to pay attention to how they feel as well. It's a two way street, so listen to how descriptive they are about their feelings as well. Ask penetrating and specific questions to better understand how they feel. By doing so you will comprehend the root of the primary problem. Missing the root of the problem makes a permanent solution unlikely. If you have ever weeded a garden, then you know what I mean.

Give Small Gifts

Small gifts can be a perfect way to start to mend a broken relationship. While it will not fix everything, it will show that you care, and that you are thinking of them.

Small Meaningful Dates

Going on small, inexpensive but fun dates can also be beneficial. Having fun together is the perfect way to mend broken hearts and a broken relationship. Laughter really is the best medicine for what ales you.

It is essential to make sure that you both fully understand the issue at hand. IF you are working on repairing a broken relationship, you must be on the same page as your partner. Be open about how you feel about the situation, and what you think can help it. Remember who, what, why, where, when and how? And be sure to pay attention to what he/she has to say as well.

When you are certain that both of you are on the same frequency, pay attention to the little things. Small gifts, small dates and especially gifts or dates with sincere meaning are an excellent way to mend a relationship. You could remind yourselves why you are in the relationship. These 5 tips will help you achieve your goal to fix a broken relationship.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

10 Romantic Ways to Reunite With X After a Breakup

reuniting after a breakup/image.jpg These 10 romantic or fun ways to reunite after a breakup are what many young couples do as they begin to fall in love with each other. One of these just might help you get back together and enhance your relationship.

But listen, there's no guarantee any of these will work 100% of the time. You probably know your ex partner better than anyone else, so you know which tips might be more in line with their personality.

  • Send a bouquet. Whether it's flowers or a balloon bouquet, if you time this right this can help you make a real romantic impression.
  • Send a card that opens to a song or a line from a TV show or movie that really suits your ex. Whether it's for a birthday or a holiday. Choose a funny, sweet or romantic card to make the day special.
    • Buy a box of chocolates and very carefully open one side of the plastic wrap so as to gently slide the box out. Open the box and place a love note inside. Then slide the box back into its plastic wrap and reseal it.
      • On a special occasion, buy your ex eleven real red roses and one artificial red rose. Place the artificial rose in the center of the bouquet. Attach a card that reads... "I will love you until the last rose fades."
        • Invite her to go for a walk. Get a backpack and pack these items: A picnic blanket, a selection of fruit in a small container (strawberries, watermelon, kiwi and grapes). Bring cheese and crackers as well. Also bring a small bottle of champagne and two plastic champagne glasses. If she asks, "What's in the back pack" just say, "A jacket and some lunch”. Find a romantic spot and ask if she would like something to eat. Open your backpack and remove the items one by one to set up your picnic. The last items removed should be the champagne and two glasses.
          • Ask your ex to join you on a spa date. This works very well when your ex is a female. Make an appointment for both of you to have your hair cut, your nails done and maybe even a massage. Doing it together is a fun way to have time to talk and just relax.
            • Ask your ex out on a theme date. Eat spaghetti and watch The Lady and the Tramp. Eat hamburgers, fries and shakes and watch American graffiti. The point is to plan something fun and lighthearted.
              • Take your ex with you to an animal shelter and spend an afternoon walking the dogs and playing with the cats.
                • Go to the amusement park together. Ride the scariest rides and have your pictures taken with your faces sticking in the holes of those wooden cutouts that make you look goofy. Have fun without pressure on your ex about getting back together.
                  • Re-create your first date. This is a good choice when things are going well and you feel like getting back together is within your grasp.
                    One of these romantic ideas is sure to give you both an enjoyable time together and improve your chances of reuniting after a breakup.

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                    Friday, November 6, 2009

                    How to Improve Your Chances of Reuniting After a Breakup

                    getting back together,reuniting after a breakup,reunite after breakup/image.jpg So how do you improve the chances of reuniting after a breakup? After all, you deserve a second chance, right? Communication is the key, lay all the cards on the table. Resolve the conflict A.S.A.P, because all too often, couples split for silly reasons. With communication skills you can overcome the problems and regain a blissful relationship.

                    The truth of the matter is this. Your relationship has fallen apart. This means that your partner has voluntarily chose to end their association with you. What you must do is convince your partner to... not only  reverse their decision but to also voluntarily take it all the way back to the type of relationship you had before the trouble started.

                    For a lot of people, that takes a big shift in their way of thinking. This is why pushiness is not going to work. Slowly turn your ex partner's opinion by changing the things about yourself that made them lose interest with you in the first. This is how it works but you have to take the right approach.

                    Before You and Your Ex Get Back Together

                    Many couples do successfully reunite and end up with very strong relationship after a breakup. However, some couples end up reuniting for the wrong reasons. If you don't deal with and resolve the issues that led to the breakup of the relationship in the first place, then who's to say those issues won't surface again. If you want your rejuvenated relationship to be a success, take a quick look at "5 Ingredients for a Lasting Marital Relationship" and be sure to come back here, because we're not finished yet.

                    What's the Goal You're Trying to Achieve

                    Your goal here is to make your ex look at you with interest once again, right? Until your ex looks at you with interest again, you are not going to reunite with him/her. They need to be interested, just as they were the first time they fell in love with you. Does this make sense?

                    Make Up Your Mind and Go For It!

                    At this point in time, you have probably made your decision whether or not to reunite with this person. Forget about what they want just for a moment and concentrate on what you would like. That’s just for starters. Once you are certain about getting back together, you will be much more convincing as you persuade the other person to give you a 2nd chance.

                    If you have decided that you do not want to reunite with your ex partner you should have no problem getting over the breakup. But I have a suspicion that you are not willing to let that relationship go just yet, are you?

                    Listen, you should set up a meeting with your ex (after things have settled down) to discuss the future and forget the past. Apologize for anything that went wrong, whether it was your fault or not. You must agree to put the transgressions in the past, because there is no future in the past. Indeed, you do need to resolve the issues but don't dwell on them.

                    Think Positive

                    Here's the story... You must focus on the positives. What sort of positive properties do you have going for you? Why should the two of you be together? Talk about the great times you have had, the history you share and what's more, the sexual attraction you have for each other. Hopefully you will be celebrating a reunification very soon!

                    It may take a couple of meetings and some time to get back on track but it will be worth it. If you had a great relationship, isn't it worth fighting for. Finding someone to love and one whom also loves you in return doesn't happen every day. Sure, you have a shared history, family, children and you will soon realize, if you haven’t already done so, that these are good reasons as to why the two of you belong together.

                    What Was the Main Reason For Breaking Up and Can This Issue Be Resolved

                    Perhaps one of you had an affair, was that the reason for your breakup? This doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship must come to an end. Affairs do happen for one reason or another. Possibly you were not paying enough attention to your partner. Perhaps they felt as though they had been taken for granted.

                    But wait, there's more. What ever the reason may have been, try and resolve the problem. You can then start moving forward with a much stronger relationship. Approach the situation with an open mind.

                    5 Tips to Fixing a Broken Relationship

                    To have someone you love in your life is far too important to let it go. Keep this in mind… “The nose of a bulldog is slanted backward so he can continue to breath without letting go” (Winston Churchill). So concentrate on reuniting after breaking up with the love of your life and get that relationship back on track.

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